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Butch Phillips, owner and operator, brings more than 30 years experience in residential roofing to the business. Butch works alongside his skilled, experienced crew to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Peak Performance Roofing

Are you Better Business Bureau accredited?
Yes! Please check out our BBB business review here.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully insured.

Do you have compensation for your employees?
Yes, we do.

Will you supply documents as proof?
Indeed I will!

Do you have references?
Many and they are available upon request.


Frequently Asked Questions from Homeowners about their Roofs

How long do shingles actually last?
When asked this question, I tell my clients that longevity of your shingles is based on certain factors such as adequate roof ventilation (lack of ventilation can promote premature wear and curling); insulation in the soffit region (over-packing can constrict air flow required for your roof to ‘breathe’); and weather conditions (particularly severe winter conditions including heavy snowfall and freeze-thaw cycles which can lead to damming).

With regard to vapour barriers, how much do I use and where?
Standard practice is from the eave up to a height of 6 feet, throughout all valley junctions as well as all chimney flashing areas and brick wall flashing detail areas. Each job must have an in-depth inspection to see which membranes are needed, where and why.

What are the best shingles to buy for my home?
I have been asked this question many times, and my answer is, I am a firm supporter of the laminate shingle over the 3-tab asphalt shingle. Laminate shingles are thicker and come with a higher wind resistance, thus providing better warranty coverage. On average the laminate shingle is marginally more expensive than the 3-tab asphalt option. Considering the magnitude of the investment, as that is what a home is, the higher cost for a superior product should help keep it in perspective.

Who makes the best shingle?
If asked, each brand will lay claim to being superior to their competition. That is their job, to market themselves. I have worked successfully with all major brands on the regional and national market, not only within my own company, but for many other companies in the city. Some contractors will promote one brand over another. I feel it is my responsibility to offer up as many options to my clients as possible. In this era of internet access, it is easy to find positive and negative feedback on everything, so when asked ‘who makes the best shingle’ I personally would not claim ones better over the other, however I do have preferences in materials that I recommend.

What does ‘certified shingle installer’ mean?
If a contractor commits a certain percentage of his annual sales to a specific brand of shingle, then said company is given the right to claim to be this so called CERTIFIED SHINGLE INSTALLER of this specific brand of shingle. Makes it sound as if you need special training to install this particular brand of shingle doesn’t it. For the record YOU DO NOT. As I have been in the roofing trade since 1978, I can tell you with the utmost certainty that every brand of shingle I have ever nailed down, has been installed in the same manner, no difference at all, no special training. As I said, the company has been given the CERTIFIED SHINGLE INSTALLER right of claim, unfortunately and sadly enough that is no guarantee that the person(s) who are actually installing the shingles for said company have the appropriate knowledge and skills to ensure a quality job is done. I know this first hand, as I have had to fire several men over the years who claimed to have worked for such companies with the CERTIFIED SHINGLE INSTALLER credentials.

It is most unfortunate that it has become more of a sales pitch these days for suppliers and contractors pushing a product more so sometimes then ensuring quality workmanship. Here at Peak Performance Roofing we will not stoop to such misleading practices. I have built my reputation on over 35 years of hands on experience in the trade, and not only do I have the backing of many satisfied clients but also the acknowledgement of some of my competitors in regards to my workmanship and professional integrity, and that is what makes a true CERTIFIED SHINGLE INSTALLER. This is just my opinion on the matter.

What colour roof will best suit my house?
Some things to consider are all of the outside trim work, siding, brick and stone colour. You want the roof to stand out on its own, but the colour should accentuate everything about the house. The idea is to add to the overall character of the house, as opposed to trying to blend everything together so it all looks the same.